This is me... I grew up in the Western Cape, I’m a

thirty-something year old South African based wedding and lifestyle photographer.


I laugh a lot and I love my jeans, dark chocolate and a good coffee. When I have my camera in my hand, a spark comes alive inside of me...I have a passion for taking beautiful and well composed photos.

Pictures are everlasting and reveal so much more than meets the eye. It captures the emotion and feeling meant at a certain moment, telling a story that goes far beyond the image border. My approach is shooting with natural light. I have a laid-back, but organised style, and have a detailed artistic, yet somehow traditional edge when approaching photographs. I also have a non-studio approach believing that the natural surroundings play an important role in setting a mood for the perfect moment. 


My journey as a photographer has been absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to work in Hamburg with a well known photographer Manfred Wigger in 2008 and I had the privilege to photography the campaign for the brand Wiesenhof (Kobus Wiesa) in 2009.


My photography allows me to share wonderful stories with friends, family and at times, complete strangers.


Amongst being a photographer, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and down to earth.